System approach to estimation and control for sustainable society development


  • M. Z. Zgurovsky
  • G. A. Statyukha


The current condition of methodological developments for measurement of sustainable development (SD) from the viewpoint of their usability for the solution of practical problems is sized up with an essential emphasis on the system characteristics of management objects. New and renewed paradigms of society SD (institutional component, the goals of "millennium" evolution) are discussed. The opportunities for SD measurements on the basis of the indicators and the theory of the natural capital are critically estimated. Various aspects of SD management are studied, and an approach to the solution for the problem of SD management on the basis of the cycle "use-restoration" of nature resources and the SD coefficient is proposed.

Author Biographies

M. Z. Zgurovsky

Згуровский М.З.

G. A. Statyukha

Статюха Г.А.



Theoretical and applied problems and methods of system analysis