Algorithms for synthesis of optimal information protection system


  • Yu. Yu. Bonia
  • О. М. Novikov


A mathematical model of the dependence of the mean losses on safety violation in information/telecommunication systems with open architecture in the case of using non-absolutely reliable protection mechanisms was developed. The mathematical programming problem that emerges during synthesis of economically efficient protection system was defined. An algorithm for the integer separable programming problem solution was developed with the use of locally stochastic algorithms, and its efficiency and capacity for work were investigated. The use of this algorithm as a component of particularized computer aided desighn systems allows one to accelerate the synthesis of information protection systems with minimal total cost of protection mechanisms in information/telecommunication systems with open architecture.

Author Biographies

Yu. Yu. Bonia

Боня Ю.Ю.

О. М. Novikov

Новіков О.М.



Problem- and function-oriented computer systems and networks