Application of the H-method to solving combinatorial optimization problems on permutations


  • L. F. Hulianytskyi
  • D. A. Gobov


A hybrid algorithm class for combinatorial optimization problems solving is considered. The class is named the H-method and built on the basis of synthesis of the accelerated probabilistic simulation algorithm (G-algorithm) and the modified discrete downhill simplex method. Algorithms for segment and half-interval building in the permutation space are proposed and proved. They are used for quadratic assignment problem solving. The computational experimental results are given, which demonstrate a high efficiency of the developed algorithms in comparison with some known algorithms.

Author Biographies

L. F. Hulianytskyi

Гуляницький Л.Ф.

D. A. Gobov

Гобов Д.А.



Methods of optimization, optimum control and theory of games