Method of α, β - coalitions for analysis of expert estimations agreement


  • L. A. Korshevniuk
  • P. I. Bidiuk


A method for analysis of expert estimations agreement is proposed, which consists in defining groups of experts with close opinions, i.e. coalitions, and removing estimations of experts from nonessential coalitions. The α coefficient denotes the unionization of experts into coalitions according to the values of their estimations, and the β coefficient sets a coalition to essential or nonessential ones. The method proposed shows the result of higher quality in comparison with other known methods and provides a simple transparent calculus procedure. The method is illustrated with an example.

Author Biographies

L. A. Korshevniuk

Коршевнюк Л.О.

P. I. Bidiuk

Бідюк П.І.



Heuristic methods and algorithms in system analysis and control