Modeling of Non-factors as a basis for intelligent computer technologies


  • Yu. R. Valkman
  • V. S. Bykov
  • A. Yu. Rykchalsky


Some problems of Non-factors modeling in computer systems are discussed. A brief review of related publications is given. The crucial role of Non-factors in creative thinking processes is shown. A three-dimensional classification of Non-factors is introduced. The main purpose of the paper is to argue for the necessity of Non-factors modeling in the development of advanced intelligent technologies of the ХХІ st century.

Author Biographies

Yu. R. Valkman

Валькман Ю.Р.

V. S. Bykov

Быков В.С.

A. Yu. Rykchalsky

Рыхальский А.Ю.



Progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems