Realization of operations in finite fields with one-dimension cascade of constructive modules


  • V. P. Tarasenko
  • A. K. Teslenko


Realization of operations in finite fields with combination schemes of linear complexity as one-dimension cascades of constructive modules (OCCM) has been considered. Lower and upper evaluations for lateral pins of modules in a cascade have been formed on the base of proposed algorithms for joint dividing decomposition of systems of partial Boolean functions. The evaluations make it possible to determine the possibility of operations realization including mass operations in finite fields with OCCM of the given constructive limitations. As an example, the efficiency of the proposed method has been demonstrated on the basic mass operations used in the modern asymmetric cryptographic transformations.

Author Biographies

V. P. Tarasenko

Tarasenko V.P.

A. K. Teslenko

Teslenko A.K.



Progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems