Using method of numeric-asymptotic approximation in studying the process of interaction of β⁻-radiation with linear flexible-chain polymers


  • A. Ja. Bomba
  • V. V. Klepko
  • Yu. E. Klimyuk
  • B. B. Kolupaev
  • B. S. Kolupaev
  • E. V. Lebedev


An algorithm for asymptotic approximation of the solution to one class of model nonlinear singularly-perturbed boundary problems in radiation physics of spatially-nonuniform linear flexible-chain polymer systems has been constructed. The obtained numerical data on the interaction of β⁻-radiation with polyvinylchloride are presented.

Author Biographies

A. Ja. Bomba

Bomba A.Ja.

V. V. Klepko

Klepko V.V.

Yu. E. Klimyuk

Klimyuk Yu.E.

B. B. Kolupaev

Kolupaev B.B.

B. S. Kolupaev

Kolupaev B.S.

E. V. Lebedev

Lebedev E.V.



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