General model and methods for hierarchical planning of complex organizational and production systems functioning with limited resources


  • A. A. Pavlov
  • E. B. Misura
  • O. V. Melnikov
  • S. A. Ruchani


Based on construction features and realization research of the automated hierarchical planning model for small-scale manufacture in market conditions, the general mathematical model for hierarchical planning is formalized that takes into account network representation of technological processes and limited resources and is directed to profit maximisation in complex organisational and production systems. Real classes of objects are determined, for which the offered model is adequate. It is shown how the mathematicware of three-level planning model for small-scale manufacture may be used for these objects functioning planning.

Author Biographies

A. A. Pavlov

Pavlov A.A.

E. B. Misura

Misura E.B.

O. V. Melnikov

Melnikov O.V.

S. A. Ruchani

Ruchani S.A.



Progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems