Highly efficient methods for regional weather forecasting


  • A. Yu. Doroshenko
  • V. A. Prusov
  • Yu. M. Tyrchak


A model and computational method is offered for the high performance forecasting regional meteorological processes. Relying on "unilateral influence" relationship of macro- and mesoscale models it suggests avoiding the Cauchy problem in the atmospheric model and replacing it by a boundary-value problem with specific interpolation technique that has a number of advantages of computational efficiency and good suitability for parallelization. The method and its parallel implementation on multiprocessor cluster architecture are considered.

Author Biographies

A. Yu. Doroshenko

Doroshenko A.Yu.

V. A. Prusov

Prusov V.A.

Yu. M. Tyrchak

Tyrchak Yu.M.




Progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems