Mathematical model of a two-machine induction motor with rotating inductor




induction motor, two-machine motor, mathematical model, rotating inductor, rotating coordinate system, inverse Park transformation


The method of the two-machine induction motor based on separation of models of primary and secondary machines as isolated entities is described in the article. Modelling of the primary machine is carried out in the coordinate system, that is stationary relatively to a stator, while modelling of a secondary machine is provided by a transition from the stationary coordinate system to rotating one with help of the inverse Park transformation. The structure diagrams of separate model blocks were built and interrelation between them was defined during the process of model development. This mathematical model, based on results of previous studies in the area of induction motor modelling, allows to see special aspects of the considered class of electric machines, as well as it can be used for development of an electric drive based on it.

Author Biographies

V. V. Lutso, LLC "Robot School", Kyiv

Valeriy Lutso,

a methodologist at LLC "Robot School", Kyiv, Ukraine.

Anton M. Silvestrov, The Theoretical Electric Engineering Department of Igor Sikorsky KPI, Kyiv

Anton Silvestrov,

Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), a professor at the Theoretical Electric Engineering Department of Igor Sikorsky KPI, Kyiv, Ukraine.


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