Information technologies in neurophysiology: real time neuronal spike sovting. Reveiw of problems and methods


  • O. K. Chibirova
  • A. Villa
  • T. I. Aksjonova


Extraction of single-unit spike trains from multiunit recording obtained during extracellular recording is considered. The existing spike sorting methods have been reviewed, their advantages and shortcomings gave been described. The necessity of improvement of existing methods is demonstrated, in particular because of insufficient computational efficiency of the existing algorithms. The spike sorting algorithms developed by authors are suggested to be used for development of spike sorting equipment for use in time deficiency conditions.

Author Biographies

O. K. Chibirova

Chibirova O.K.

A. Villa

Villa A.

T. I. Aksjonova

Aksjonova T.I.



Progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems