Method of reduction of number of three-costal cycles for linear inequalities with the column structure


  • V. M. Klimenko
  • V. V. Ostapenko
  • O. S. Ostapenko
  • G. S. Finin


At the decision of linear inequalities with the column structure by process of elimination of unknown persons there are the difficulties connected to presence of cycles in the column. The method of reduction of cycles is offered in the article. The algorithm of three-costal cycles finding is described.

Author Biographies

V. M. Klimenko

Klimenko V.M.

V. V. Ostapenko

Ostapenko V.V.

O. S. Ostapenko

Ostapenko O.S.

G. S. Finin

Finin G.S.



Mathematical methods, models, problems and technologies for complex systems research