The Analytic Network Process. Examples. Part 2.3


  • Thomas L. Saaty


We give here the details of an application of the ANP to National Missile Defense (NMD), a $60 billion decision (one of the costliest undertaking ever) by the United States to deploy an anti-nuclear-missile missile defense system. This study I did in September 2000 developed with its strategic criteria, and benefits, opportunities, costs and risks. Deploy NMD is the highest priority outcome, that is validated by sensitivity analysis. It was presented to the National Defense University in Washington in February 2002. In mid-December 2002 the US Government announced that it planned to develop the NMD — at best an interesting coincidence. Another example, done in September-October 2002, was about the strategy that the US should follow to remove the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. Going with the UN was the best outcome followed by a going alone or with a coalition.

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Thomas L. Saaty

Saaty Thomas L.




Decision making and control in economic, technical, ecological and social systems