Qualitative analysis of the sociological investigation "The attitude of the citizens of Ukraine to reforms"


  • V. A. Salаmatov
  • T. A. Taran
  • A. E. Tkachev
  • S. N. Kopychko


In this paper a new approach to the analysis of the sociological data based on automatic extraction and analysis of logic rules is considered. The strategy of search most informative of logic rules is offered. The offered technique of the qualitative analysis is illustrated on the example of sociological research "the attitude of the citizens of Ukraine to reforms".

Author Biographies

V. A. Salаmatov

Salаmatov V.A.

T. A. Taran

Taran T.A.

A. E. Tkachev

Tkachev A.E.

S. N. Kopychko

Kopychko S.N.



Decision making and control in economic, technical, ecological and social systems