Decision support system for assessing the state of atmospheric air under inaccurate input data




air condition assessment, decision support system


The article deals with the design of a decision support system structure for assessing the state of atmospheric air under inaccurate input data. The methodologies of constructing information systems, their advantages and disadvantages when applying to the design of a decision support system are considered. The data streams are investigated and the corresponding diagram is proposed on the basis of them. The structure of the system as a whole is proposed, as well as the construction of a model base as the part of a complex system. Different questions related to functioning of the system are considered such as the organization of the data exchange, definition of conditions of applicability and verification of models, synchronization of work of various parts of the system.

Author Biography

Regina V. Kryvakovska, “Mama Products” Ltd., Kyiv

Regina Kryvakovska,

a programmer at “Mama Products” Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine.


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Theoretical and applied problems of intelligent systems for decision making support