Algorithms for approximate multi-stage Flow-Shop-Problem solution


  • Yuriy A. Zack



multi-stage schedules, flow-shop-problem, optimal sequences, lower bound of task execution time, approximate solution, heuristic algorithm


The construction of multi-stage schedules for performing tasks on machines located in a sequential chain has many practical applications in discrete-production scheduling. Estimates are obtained for the lower bound of the performance criterion for the optimal sequence of tasks and 2 algorithms for approximate problem solving, ensuring that all work is performed at all stages of processing in the shortest possible time. The algorithms of the solution are illustrated by a numerical example. The estimates of the complexity of the proposed algorithms are given. The given algorithms for solving the problem can be used in the scheduling of the small- and medium-sized discrete production.

Author Biography

Yuriy A. Zack

Yuriy Zack,

Dokt.-Ing., the scientific expert and consultant, Aachen, Germany.


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Mathematical methods, models, problems and technologies for complex systems research