Systematic research of traditional educational problems of physics


  • B. A. Sus'
  • B. B. Sus'


The construction of the theory of physical phenomena is subordinated to a number of principles. A principle of coherence effects of private theories should be considered as one of the most important. On the example of the inter-complemented by the wave and particle theories of light, it is shown that due to the lack of consequences consistency of these private theories, they are contradictory. Non-contradictory explanation of the dual nature of light, based on combined wave-corpuscular theory, where the light is considered as a stream of specific particles (photons), which are in internal vibrational state of the type of energy-mass-energy-weight, is proposed. What is meant here is the existence of a fundamental wave movement state of this kind. The efficiency of the application of combined wave-corpuscular theory to explain the phenomenon of diffraction as light interference when the radiating elements are not exposed areas of wave surface, but sharp edges of obstacles, is shown.


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Scientific and methodological problems in education