The synthesis of digital control algorithms for automatic tracking systems


  • I. V. Zimchuk
  • V. I. Ishchenko
  • I. O. Kankin


Methodology of the polynomial synthesis of digital control algorithms is presented for the automatic tracking systems. It is shown that most of existing methods of synthesis of digital regulators, which implement the control principle by an error, are based on the experience gained from the synthesis of continuous systems. Their methodology does not allow to achieve the simultaneous increase of accuracy of the system in the steady state and fulfill the stability requirements. Control algorithms are synthesized as a result of solving the difference equations which are determined from the discrete transmission functions of digital regulators. The theoretical basis of the digital regulators synthesis is the theory of invariance. The distinctive feature of the proposed approach is taking into account the requirements to the stability and the specified static control system accuracy at the synthesis stage of the digital regulator. An example of the synthesis of a digital control algorithm is presented by an object of the second order, whose simulation results confirm the efficiency of the proposed methodology.


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Progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems