A comparison of architecture types of services


  • О. О. Petrenko аспірант Навчально-наукового комплексу "Інститут прикладного системного аналізу" НТУУ "КПІ" МОН та НАН України, Київ, Ukraine


This paper studies modern architectures of services systems SOA (service-oriented architecture) and EDA (event-driven architecture), their advantages and drawbacks, capabilities, and feasibility of constructing the unified service-oriented architecture EDSOA (event-driven service-oriented architecture). It is shown that events connect services by transferring the state of a business process from one service, which define and publish events, to other services, which are started by actual events. In its turn, it is justified, that services unify events by transferring the data about moving one state of a process into another. In this work, a special attention is paid to questions related to an effective implementation of a proposed hybrid solution of architecture EDSOA and its application for modeling business processes as services.

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О. О. Petrenko, аспірант Навчально-наукового комплексу "Інститут прикладного системного аналізу" НТУУ "КПІ" МОН та НАН України, Київ

Петренко Олексій Олексійович,

аспірант Навчально-наукового комплексу "Інститут прикладного системного аналізу" НТУУ "КПІ" МОН та НАН України, Київ


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