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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • This work has not been previously published and has not been sent to the editorial review for other journals.
  • Authors have familiarized themselves with the requirements from the "Author Guidelines" on "Submissions" page (Home > About the Journal > Submissions).
  • The article is made in accordance with the above mentioned requirements.
  • All article metadata are entered in English and, if possible, in Ukrainian.
  • Each author's biographical statement and affiliation is entered in English and, if possible, in Ukrainian.

Author Guidelines

1. An article with an abstract and other information should be submitted in an electronic format using the journal's web site or sent by e-mail to

2. At the article submission page, the article metadata must be filled in English and Ukrainian (if possible (selecting twice the corresponding form language). In the form, the following fields must be filled: the first name, middle name (if available), last name, email, ORCHID ID, affiliation, country, bio (biographical) statement, title, abstract, keywords, and references.

* Recommendation: the first and last names of the authors in English must correspond to the spelling in Scopus (the author can check his or her data in Scopus). If the author is not in Scopus, then spelling may be at your discretion but should match ones in other publications.

3. Author's biographical statement must include the first name, middle name (if available), last name, country, city, affiliation, job title, academic degree, and rank, area of research, e-mail, contact phone numbers, and postal address in a corresponding language.

4. An abstract should consist of 700 to 1000 characters. An abstract and keywords must be supplied in two languages.

5. The submission file containing the text of the article should be in Microsoft Word 2003 format. The text should be prepared in Times New Roman and should be fully justified.

6. At the beginning of the article, the UDC identifier, the title of the article, initials and the surname of the author (authors), and keywords should be included in two languages.

7. References should use IEEE citation style and should be sorted in the order of their occurrence in the text of the article. Every reference should include its DOI if it is available. All references should also be translated into English and supplied in a separate file.

* Recommendation: most references should include relatively new articles from top scientific journals.

8. All equations should be created using the equations editor "Equations."

9. Symbols in equations (except the special cases) should be typed in italics. Regular symbols are allowed, but it is necessary to mark them or include them in the list of special characters.

10. Equations (placed in the middle of the line) should be numbered only if they are referenced in the text.

11. Each table or a figure should have the same style, be given a number and a title, and be placed after the reference in the text. Captions for figures and tables should not be repeated in the article.

12. The article together with tables, figures, and references should not exceed 15 pages. Review articles up to 25 pages can be accepted if approved by the editorial board.

13. The title of the article, abstract, and keywords in English are very important and require grammar checks (professional editing is preferred, not automatic translation). If the article is prepared in English, professional editing should be used.

14. If you have trouble entering all the metadata described in (2), (3), and (7) you can put them (in all languages) in a separate document and attach it as a supplementary file.