Research of faltering character of globalization in context of social development and safety of the countries of the world. A part 2. Research of the influence of the crisis phenomena of 2008–2009


  • A. M. Zgurovsky


The influence of the crisis on social and political processes in global and regional contexts is studied using methods for multidimensional statistical analysis (MSA). A faltering character of the dependence of the globalization index (KOF) on the gross national product, export/import indicators, restriction of capital flows, volumes of home and export markets, level of foreign property, and "brain drain" is investigated for different countries of the world, including Ukraine.

Author Biography

A. M. Zgurovsky

Згуровський Олександр Михайлович,

аспірант Національного технічного університету України «КПІ», Україна, Київ





Mathematical methods, models, problems and technologies for complex systems research