Numerical method for analysis of wireless communication networks with complex scheme of channels reservation and queues


  • A. Z. Melikov
  • A. M. Velibekov


Simple computational procedures for approximate calculation of the quality rating of service in wireless cellular networks with a shared reservation scheme for impatient handover calls are proposed. New calls are waiting in either finite or infinite queue. The proposed procedures have high accuracy in both macro- and micro- cells in which the intensities of new and handover traffics are markedly different. Results of numerical experiments are presented.

Author Biographies

A. Z. Melikov

Меліков Агасі Зарбалі огли,

член-кореспондент НАН Азербайджану, професор, доктор технічних наук, завідувач лабораторії Інституту кібернетики НАН Азербайджану, Баку

A. M. Velibekov

Велібеков Амір Махмуд огли,

аспірант Інституту інформаційних технологій НАН Азербайджану, Баку





Problem- and function-oriented computer systems and networks