Research of globalization’s interrupted character in context of social development and global security. PART 1. Analysis of pre-crisis period (up to second half of 2008)


  • A. Zgurovsky


In given research we introduce the new valuating method of globalization in scope of basic social development and global security indicators, further named as SDS. By implementing the well-known KOF and newly introduced SDS methods the comparative analysis of globalization level among different states is carried out. With the help of Principal Compound Analysis there is a reduction in the number of variables that determine characteristics of globalization to particular factors and their simplified representation of dependence on globalization level.

Author Biography

A. Zgurovsky

Згуровський Олександр Михайлович,

студент Інституту міжнародних відносин Київського національного університету ім. Тараса Шевченка, Україна, Київ






New methods in system analysis, computer science and theory of decision making