Multiple regression and pseudoinversion in problems of remote sensing and estimation of chlorophyll content in vegetation


  • V. O. Yatsenko
  • P. O. Khandryga
  • D. O. Shvets


The problem of using of reflectance spectra for evaluation of chlorophyll content in vegetation is considered. A new method for estimation of chlorophyll content, which is based on the matrix pseudoinversion and multiple regression, is described. The results of comparative analysis of calculation of chlorophyll content using multiple regression and optimization methods are described.

Author Biographies

V. O. Yatsenko

Yatsenko V.O.

P. O. Khandryga

Khandryga P.O.

D. O. Shvets

Shvets D.O.



New methods in system analysis, computer science and theory of decision making