Simulation technology for dynamics of urban transport passengers servicing


  • V. N. Halushko
  • V. D. Levchuk
  • I. V. Maksimei
  • V. S. Mohyla
  • P. L. Chechet


A conceptual and formal description of a fragment of urban transport network is offered. The structure of the simulation model of the network is determined. Methodology for investigation of the network characteristics on the model and technology for the investigation using the programme-technological complex of simulation in the course of design modelling of the transport network structure are described.

Author Biographies

V. N. Halushko

Halushko V.N.

V. D. Levchuk

Levchuk V.D.

I. V. Maksimei

Maksimei I.V.

V. S. Mohyla

Mohyla V.S.

P. L. Chechet

Chechet P.L.



Progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems