Numerical methods for investigation of multirate queues of Gimpelson’s type


  • A. Z. Melikov
  • M. I. Fattahova
  • T. S. Kaziev


New methods for analysis of characteristics of multirate queues of Gimpelson’s type are proposed. In these queues wide-band (w-call) and narrow-band (n-call) calls are serviced. For servicing n-call a single channel is required while for servicing w-call m channels, m > 1, required simultaneously. Calls are serviced in nonwaiting manner. Simple algorithms for calculation and optimization of loss probabilities of calls of different types under different channel access strategies are developed. Results of appropriate numerical experiments are given.

Author Biographies

A. Z. Melikov

Melikov A.Z.

M. I. Fattahova

Fattahova M.I.

T. S. Kaziev

Kaziev T.S.



Methods of optimization, optimum control and theory of games