Algorithm FLARS and recognition of time series anomalies


  • A. D. Gvishiani
  • S. M. Agayan
  • Sh. R. Bogoutdinov
  • S. A. Tikhotski
  • J. Hinderer
  • J. Bonnin
  • M. Diament


As a rule, algorithms of recognition of time series anomalies are based on time frequency or statistical analysis . This article is devoted to detailed formal description of new fuzzy set based algorithm FLARS (Fuzzy Logic Algorithm for Recognition of Signals). It recognizes time series anomalies by means "smooth" modelling (in fuzzy mathematics sense) of interpreter's logic, which searches for anomalies at the record.

Author Biographies

A. D. Gvishiani

Gvishiani A.D.

S. M. Agayan

Agayan S.M.

Sh. R. Bogoutdinov

Bogoutdinov Sh.R.

S. A. Tikhotski

Tikhotski S.A.

J. Hinderer

Hinderer J.

J. Bonnin

Bonnin J.

M. Diament

Diament M.




Theoretical and applied problems and methods of system analysis