Structuring and analysis of data in growing pyramidal networks


  • V. P. Gladun
  • N. D. Vashchenko
  • V. Yu. Velichko
  • Yu. G. Tkachenko


The paper deals with memory organization for intelligent systems in the form of growing pyramidal networks (GPS), which provides processes of concept formation, hierarchical regulation and classification of input information. The algorithm of GPS building is described for the case when object descriptions are introduced by parts. Results of GPS application in chemistry and material science are discussed.

Author Biographies

V. P. Gladun

Gladun V.P.

N. D. Vashchenko

Vashchenko N.D.

V. Yu. Velichko

Velichko V.Yu.

Yu. G. Tkachenko

Tkachenko Yu.G.



Problem- and function-oriented computer systems and networks