Mathematical modelling of diffusions processes in organic environments


  • N. D. Pankratova
  • V. V. Zavodnik
  • A. V. Kozakul
  • V. P. Kravchenko


Processes of diffusion of aggressive bioactive substances through the human skin of persons caused by influence of adverse factors of environmental contamination are investigated. The mathematical model of distribution of aggressive chemical substances in skin layers, developed on the basis of methods of solution for continuous - discrete boundary problems is offered. The proposed approach to research of diffusion enables both quantitatively, and qualitatively to estimate processes of influence of harmful chemical substances on the organism human through his skin.

Author Biographies

N. D. Pankratova

Pankratova N.D.

V. V. Zavodnik

Zavodnik V.V.

A. V. Kozakul

Kozakul A.V.

V. P. Kravchenko

Kravchenko V.P.



Decision making and control in economic, technical, ecological and social systems