A middle time recognition of epileptic seizures from geometrical patterns of EEG data


  • A. Makarenko
  • B. Oleksandruk
  • K. Schindler
  • F. Donatti
  • A. Villa
  • I. Tetko


An approach for middle- time recognition of epileptic seizures from EEG data is proposed. The method considers sharp changes in the recorded data using geometrical patterns of the signal in phase-space. The approach was developed using experimental clinical EEG data recorded from ten patients and reliably predicted epileptic seizures in the ten-minute interval before the seizure onsets. An estimation of sensitivity and specificity of the proposed method is also provided.

Author Biographies

A. Makarenko

Makarenko A.

B. Oleksandruk

Oleksandruk B.

K. Schindler

Schindler K.

F. Donatti

Donatti F.

A. Villa

Villa A.

I. Tetko

Tetko I.




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