Construction of mode for distance education on the basis of system methodology


  • N. D. Pankratova
  • V. Ju. Khokhlov


The structure of the system for distance education which enables to realize the concept of active training and to provide a new level for mutual relations "training–teacher–educational institution" is offered. A model for information interrelations of the system of distance education on the basis of which it is possible to estimate productivity of training according to a feedback is developed to provide coordination of purposes and tasks for training of various categories of users, to make use of experience of the previous training for improvement of quality of current training, to realize individualization of the educational process and centralization of training data storage.

Author Biographies

N. D. Pankratova

Pankratova N.D.

V. Ju. Khokhlov

Khokhlov V.Ju.



Progressive information technologies, high-efficiency computer systems