Generalized algorithm for calculating of charasteristics of Kleinrok-Kamoun strategies for buffer sharing in packet-commutation networks


  • L. A. Ponomarenko
  • A. Z. Melikov
  • M. I. Fattahova


Problem of buffer sharing between conflict traffics in message transfer systems with bufferisation were analyzed. Classic strategies of such sharing, offered by L. Kleinrock and F. Kamoun, were considered. A new approach to solving the problem of calculating characteristics in stochastic asynchronous message transfer systems, based upon principles of phase-aggregation states theory, is offered. Practical engineering formulas for calculating characteristics of the most general strategy is obtained.

Author Biographies

L. A. Ponomarenko

Ponomarenko L.A.

A. Z. Melikov

Melikov A.Z.

M. I. Fattahova

Fattahova M.I.



Problem- and function-oriented computer systems and networks