Probabilistic model for an Internet network unit operation


  • A. N. Dudin
  • N. I. Listopad
  • G. V. Tsarenkov


Analysis of probabilistic characteristics for an Internet network units operation is fulfilled, taking into account the real non-stationary character of streams of users inquiries. Exact enough model of probability for refusal in acceptance of inquiry limitation of the entrance buffer size is given. Numerical analysis has shown that using the simplified models based on the model of an entrance stream as stationary Poisson’s is not always justified and may result in rough errors in calculations of probabilities for refusal.

Author Biographies

A. N. Dudin

Dudin A.N.

N. I. Listopad

Listopad N.I.

G. V. Tsarenkov

Tsarenkov G.V.



Problem- and function-oriented computer systems and networks