Using ontology for querying in relational database


  • O. V. Tkanko
  • A. I. Petrenko


Nowadays, the Web is the biggest existing information repository. However, to operate with its information human action is required, but the Semantic Web aims to change this. It provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, allowing more uses than the traditional Web. Most of the information on the Web is stored in relational databases and the Semantic Web cannot use such databases. Relational databases can be used to construct ontology as the core of the Semantic Web. This task has attracted the interest of many researches, which have made algorithms (wrappers) able to extract structured syntactic information in an automatic or semi-automatic way. At our work we drew experience from those works. We showed different approaches of formalization of a logic model of relational databases, and a transformation of that model into OWL, a Semantic Web language. We closed this paper by mentioning some problems that have only been lightly touched by database to ontology mapping solutions as well as some aspects that need to be considered by future approaches.


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