Mathematical modeling admixture diffusion processes in a two-phase semispace with the erlang distribution of inclusions


  • Yе. Yа. Chaplya
  • O. Yu. Chernukha
  • Yu. I. Bilushchak


Admixture diffusion processes are studied in a two-phase semispace of randomly nonhomogeneous stratified structure, taking into account the conditions of non-ideal mass contact on interphases. Layered inclusions are disposed by the Erlangian distribution. A mass transfer equation for whole body is obtained, considering the jumps of both desired function and its derivative on the interphases. An equivalent integrodiffential equation is formulated and its solution is constructed in terms of Neumann series. Averaging the obtained solution is carried out over the ensemble of phase configurations with the Erlangian distribution function. Material characteristics influence on behaviour and values of the averaged of admixture particle concentration is established.


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Mathematical methods, models, problems and technologies for complex systems research